A Beginner's Guide To Sustainable Fashion

September 12, 2019


With 2019 ending, most companies are still not transparent with their over all company policies and business practices. Even though most marketing campaigns are labelled as ''eco friendly'', it's just a potential way to GREENWASH customers who are into the eco-conscious trends.


It can get overwhelming to be fully educated on your retail purchases but it's always better to start making conscious decisions, whether about life or fashion.


I was introduced to FADA CLOTHING last year not realizing they are a 100% sustainable brand and all the materials sourced are clean, environment friendly, locally sourced and of course, beautiful when put on. 


Your Beginner's Guide To Sustainable Fashion




Surely not the best thing to hear, but trust me when I say this, most clothes end up in the landfill after being worn just a few times. Fast Fashion and landfills are related in real time and happen to have serious consequences to the environment. Clearing out the wardrobe doesn't necessary mean throwing them out, DONATE instead!


Featuring this beautiful Linen Overall from FADA CLOTHING




At the moment, everyone wishes to be fashion forward and wants to follow trends but how much are these short lived trends costing us in real time?


As I move ahead living this conscious life, I personally ask myself a couple of questions before making any purchase


1. Is this really my style?

2. Does this work with other staples in my wardrobe?

3. Will I at least wear it 30 times

4. Does this piece of clothing really stand for who I am?


By simply being thoughtful about everyday decisions, it gets so much easier to not give into trends and consequences it brings with it!


  Featuring these Linen tops by FADA Clothing




It's honestly okay to repeat! Be proud to repeat and surprise yourself and others by coming up with creative ways to wear the same outfit more than twice.

Regardless of what platform you use to show off your creatively, let others feel the same energy as you do!

Compassion for fashion and the environment not only indicates your outer beauty but also how beautiful you are on the inside. Share it, own it!


 Featuring this two way dress by FADA Clothing




Thrifting isn't necessarily for your grandma anymore, I've honestly thrifted so many great pieces and have loved them more or as much as the brand new ones! Thrifting not only reduces the overall cost of production, it also helps reduce the waste cycle as well as demand for fast fashion. I do not necessarily hate fast fashion but I also understand that it isn't the best thing for me, you or the place we live in.


National Thrift and Vintage Depot are some stores you should check out in Toronto!


 Featuring this Overall by FADA Clothing



So what can we do to make 2019 and rest of the years coming more sustainable? 

Educate yourselves, believe in the brand's values that you buy from and if needed, read this article every now and them. Until then,





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